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Privacy Policy

Jun 09, 2022

Privacy Policy


Cookies can collect or share information that helps us improve our website and the services, or help us offer new services and features. Cookies are small files that are sent from the web server to the user’s browser and stored on the hard disk of the computer or in the device using the service. Cookies cannot be linked to any personal information.


2.Data we collect and process

2.1 We will collect information through account registration or services applications through the website. Information consists of username, password, name-surname, identification number, email address, date of birth, address, and phone number.

2.2 When using our services, we will record information about IP address, device, date, time, and actions in using the services.

2.3 For the information that has been collected, we will analyze products, services, and advertisements for users to receive new information that users are interested in.


3.Data retention

We will collect the personal information of service users within the time frame specified by law. Users can check information on the retention period of their personal data by contacting our Personal Data Protection Officer.


4.Securing your data

We also implement a variety of security measures and operational controls. We endeavor to ensure the security of your personal information on our systems. User personal data is stored within secured networks and is only accessible by a few employees who have special access rights to such systems. However, we cannot fully guarantee the security of your personal data.


5.Terms of service

5.1 Acceptance of the agreement and its validity

When users of online game services "accept" all agreements. Users are able to apply for membership and are allowed to install programs for playing games, but if they select “Do not accept”, users cannot apply for membership. We will not allow them to install programs including using our services.

5.2 Registering to the service and acknowledging the agreement

For initial service requests, users must complete the information. Users will not be entitled to legal rights and will not be entitled to benefits from us if they use false information. Please register as the following steps as

  • Fill in the first and last name as indicated on their identification card.  
  • Do not use the first and last name of another person. Do not falsify or randomize the information in the application.
  • The information in the application form must be correct information.
  • The user must not use the account or the account received from us to disclose or misuse.
  • In case of incorrect information, the user can correct the information.
  • In the case that the personal information used to apply is false information, will not have legal rights and will not receive benefits from the company.


6.Procedures of those involved in the agreement

The users of online game services must not create disturbances or cause damage to the company. The users must not have the following behaviors:

  • The users must not cause trouble or damage to other users.
  • The users should not disclose their own information with other users without the consent of the company.
  •  The users must not violate the law.
  • The users must not violate traditions, customs, morals, nation, religion, and the king.
  • The users must not spread virus and do any hack that causes damage.
  • The users must provide factual information to our team to perform actions such as fixing problems of the game in the bug section or solving other problems.
  • The users are strictly forbidden to buy and sell accounts or virtual goods for real money.
  • The users are prohibited from using bugs or errors that may occur in the game to seek benefits. If you found a bug or error, please notify our team to know and fix it.
  • The users can request a refund according to the terms of Google Play and the Apple Store, with items obtained from purchases that have not been used. If a refund is found but the purchased item has been received or has been used, our team will cancel the account information immediately.
  • We can change the rules as appropriate without prior notice.
  • In case of the program or the game is out of contract or the game is closed, we will not make any compensation but we will notify you in advance.


7.Providing services and using the service

7.1 Service time

The users can contact us through the channels specified or notified through the channels of the company. The service period of the company is between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM unless it is necessary to maintenance to improve the system. We will notify the update period through the website and fan page of the company.

7.2 Password

  • The users are responsible for their own account (ID) and password, for which the company will not be responsible in any way.
  • The users are prohibited from revealing their password to others without permission from us.
  • We can change the user’s information according to the necessary events without prior notice.


8.Restriction of usage and termination of the account

8.1 Restriction of usage of the service

The users must not commit any actions that cause damage to the company, especially hacking and advertising to earn money. We will not be responsible for any damage caused by the user.

8.2 Account termination

In case of the users violate the agreement, we can cancel the service or restrict the use as follows:

  • Use of false information and impersonating other people’s information.
  • Offenses according to laws, customs, morals, nation, religion, and monarchy or causing damage to other people’s reputation.
  • Sending information or advertising messages that cause damage with other users or company.
  • Distribute hacking tools and computer virus that cause damage to the system.
  • Misuse of another person’s account (ID) and password.
  • Copy, modify, or reproduce game data or other company property without permission.
  • Use bugs, use hack programs, modify clients, or use programs to help play.
  • Violate the agreement set by the company or violate the law.
  • Deceive to be an officer of the company.
  • Trade items received in the game with real money.
  • Trade account (ID) to other people without permission from the company.
  • In case of create an account (ID) to harass or annoy other people.


9.Age limits and children protection

By children, we mean users under the age of 18 years old or called “under the age of majority”. If you are under the age of 18, you undertake that you have the consent of your parent or legal guardian to register an account to use the services with G MILLION. Parent or legal guardian needs to read the terms of service completely before applying for our services. Once the parent accepts the services, the parent accepts and will be responsible for all use of the user’s account and services. If the parent is unable to accept the terms of service, please do not apply for the services with G MILLION.


10.Changes to Privacy Policy

10.1 We may make any changes to this Privacy Policy if we determine that the modification materially affects how we use your personal information. We will post the update on our website or fan page.

10.2 You agree that if users continue to use our products and services after the modification, you will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by the changed policy.


11.Your rights

The request of the user’s rights must be submitted in writing. The consideration of requests will be at the company’s sole discretion.

The users have rights regarding personal data as follows:

  • Right to access your personal data, including right to correct or modify your incorrect or incomplete information.
  • Right to request a copy of personal data in electronic format that users may send to a third party or send to the company directly.
  • Right to object to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes and any other purposes.
  • Right to request to delete your data when it not necessary for the purpose that it was stored, including right to limit the scope of processing of personal data in case it cannot be deleted.
  • Right to request the personal data controller to suspend the use of personal data.
  • Right to request the company to provide personal data that is accurate, up-to-date, complete, and not misleading.
  • Right to file a complaint in the case that you believe that the user’s right has been infringed.
  • However, in the case that the user requests the company to delete, destroy, limit the collection use, process or disclose personal data temporarily suspend use, convert personal data that cannot identify the owner, or withdraw consent may cause restrictions on the company in conducting transactions or providing services to users.



  • Account refers to the account of the user of the game service or the website.
  • Device information means information that can be automatically collected from any device used to access the site or services. The information may include, but is not limited to, device type, device's network connection, device name, device IP address, information about your device's web browser, internet connection used to access the website or service, and information about apps downloaded to your device.
  • G MILLION means G MILLION CO., LTD. and its subsidiaries or affiliates. In this “Privacy Policy” sometimes G MILLION may be referred to as the “Company” or “the company” depending on the context.
  • Personal data means personal data that can be associated with an identified or identifiable individual. “Personal Information” can include your full name, telephone number, payment card number, e-mail address, other financial account information, account number, and date of birth. It can also be government-issued identification (such as a driver's license number, passport ID, social security number, and taxpayer ID).
  • Website means the website, mobile application, official social media platform, or other online features offered by G MILLION the “Services” and posted or linked to this “Privacy Policy”
  • Technical usage data refers to information we collect from your mobile device, computer, or other devices you use to access the site or services. Technical usage data let us know how you use the site and the services such as what you search for and view on the site and how  you use our services, including your IP address, statistics about how you upload or view, the page of the website you entered, websites you visited before, and other usage and search information collected with cookies.
  • User means a person who uses the game service or accesses the website and established a relationship with G MILLION (e.g., Installing company games or accessing company websites and agreeing under the G MILLION User Agreement) or uses the service as a player, user, or purchaser or any other category of participants in the transaction including payment.
  • User means a person who uses the game service or accesses the website and established a relationship with G MILLION (e.g., Installing company games or accessing company websites and agreeing under the G MILLION User Agreement) or uses the service as a player, user, or purchaser or any other category of participants in the transaction including payment.
  • If you have questions, concerns or complaints about our Privacy Policy, please contact us by email: